Tamdil Lake Mizoram

Tamdil Lake Mizoram

Travelling to Mizoram, the hidden gem of India is definitely a new, unique and enthralling experience for adventure lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and those who are just searching for some penance.

Mizoram tourism has developed in a very phenomenal manner in the past because of it being now advertised as the land of rolling hills, rivers, lakes and valleys. Be it anything- from orchids to Anthurium, from Sumatran rhinoceros to Hume’s Peasant, everything in Mizoram has its own beauty.

What further facilitates the value of Mizoram Tourism is the warm and tourist friendly nature of the natives. They communicate easily with smile beaming on their faces and making the tourists feel at peace in their own little paradise.

Distinct Culture

The Culture of Mizoram is very rich. It is quite evident to decipher how the Mizo people have tried to embrace their own cultural diversity along with the progress in modernity and development. They believe in the concept of Pialral and Tlawngaihna.

The concept of Pialral is basically established on the idea of heaven where there is no retributive justice, punishment and pain. They do not believe in the stark boundaries of heaven and hell. On the other hand, the concept of Tlawngaihna refers to inculcating the feeling of selfless sacrifice and love for others which is not based on materialistic ideals. Such intangible yet affectionate aspects of Mizoram tourism have further enhanced its appeal.

Both men and women play a very integral role in the development of Mizoram tourism by contributing in their own ways. For example, the women of Mizoram create beautiful attires through handlooms and even handicraft items. The men in Mizoram make products from bamboo, cane and wood.

Tourist Attractions

There are several options for the interesting Mizoram tourist attractions. To start with, the Palak Lake is the biggest lake in Mizoram and it’s known for its rich blend of mixed Indian and Burmese geographies and sanctuary.

The fishing reservoir at the Tam Dil Lake also adds essence to its existence along with the interesting historic folklore tales that are associated with it. The State and Tourist Museum in Mizoram are situated in such scenic places that along with imparting a peek into the history of Mizoram, it also provides interesting peaceful moments of beauty and silence.

The Reiek hotspot situated near to the capital Aizwal is known for its caves, trekking expeditions and even the man made villages that give a natural appeal. Helicopter service that joins the various districts of Mizoram is also available for quick and smooth travel.

Flora and Fauna

The State Museum

The State Museum

The Mizoram travel guide gives factual information about the rare flora and fauna of this state. One can easily find the rarest of orchids in Mizoram along with the Anthurium flowers. The wildlife enthusiasts can find the rare glimpse of Sumatran Rhinoceros and Wild Water Buffalo. The entire natural beauty along with its flora and fauna are well preserved in Mizoram in the very flawless manner.

In a nutshell, one must visit Mizoram to explore the unsaid and anonymous gifts of nature that have innumerable stories to teach and reveal.