Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach

Before visiting Kerala, we always used to wonder why it is often called as the God’s own country. Its still very difficult to pen down the beauty of it, but if we try, it would definitely include the sun-kissed beaches, gurgling water of cascading waterfalls, adrenaline pumping wildlife sanctuaries, brain drifting backwaters, spice and tea woodlets along with small water townships. But wait a minute, it would definitely be unjust to not include the Kerala backwaters and the amazing experience of Kerala houseboats. Thus, even now if you are wondering why visiting India is incomplete without having a relaxed stay at Kerala, you perhaps do not understand the therapeutic value of nature’s blessing. And even if you do not, Kerala also has Ayurvedic medication treatment which helps in the holistic healing of the body.

It was only after 1980s when the proper importance of Kerala tourism improved. The tourism sector started to bloom after the Kerala Tourism Development Cooperation. Slowly the Kerala Holiday Packages started to develop in a very dynamic manner. These holiday packages include a visit to beaches, pilgrimage tours, wildlife parks and backwaters. The main beaches in Kerala are Varkala and Kovalam. The attractive sun-kissed beaches of Kerala are also present in Alleppey, Papanasam, Kochi and Chowara. These beaches are a brilliant opportunity to just unwind and relax.

You might also spot people practising meditation and yoga here. There are many resorts which are also located nearby that offer spa and ayurvedic treatments. When we were simply sun bathing in Kovalam beach, we were able to recharge our burnt out bodies and just lose ourselves in the peaceful ambience of nature. Turning to hill stations, there are many important ones in Kerala as you can guess. One must visit the hill stations like Ponmudi, Munnar, Wayanad, Peermade, Malampuzha, Lakkadi and Devikulam.

The lush green beauty of these hill stations is definitely going to touch your heart. All you need to do is take a long deep breath in the salubrious air and realise that your life is so very valuable. Perhaps, its why Kerala is called as God’s own country. It helps you to connect with the Almighty, in spite of which ever religion of body of faith you come from.

Make sure that you book well in advance and have a planned trip. It would be a great opportunity to explore the Kerala backwaters at an impromptu level so that you can even much more of relaxation that you had planned for. You need to take it slow, give it time. Kerala tourism is all about that. And who knows, in the process of searching for a destination, you end up finding yourself.