No! I will not be wearing anything else apart from my favourite black and yellow coloured striped tiger costume.” This would be my only answer to mom whenever she insisted me to try something new for my school’s fancy dress competitions. I still remember how my dad used to paint those whiskers on my face with black paint.

Wildlife Packages India

Wildlife Packages India

Did I mention that my grandfather was the care-taker of tigers in one of the famous wildlife parks of USA? He would narrate me stories of tigers and how they fearlessly roamed in the national park. My insane love for tigers must have started from those days. However, years passed by but eventually what still remained behind were his stories making my love even more intense for the striped cats.

I had heard that India was the home to the world’s largest population of tigers. I always had this secret desire to explore this country. I googled different wildlife packages in India and on one fine day of April 2000, I finally booked one.

Can’t tell you how happy I was to see the amount deducted from my account confirming my package booking. It was a two nights and three days package covering Delhi and the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. While booking I also realised that Wildlife Tour Packages in India are comparatively cheaper than the other countries.

A bright and sunny morning welcomed me in Delhi. It was just the way I had pictured in my mind. However, I had no time to admire the city as I had my train in less than two hours from New Delhi Railway station. After five long hours, I finally reached my destination of Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan.

I sat in the hotel room and cherished my happiness by watching the old pictures of my grandpa that I had brought. How different it was to see those photos in a foreign land. Curtains, walls and even I felt different to myself. I wanted to say something to his photograph but no idea what!

A knock on the door and I was packed for my excursion to Ranthambore National Park. It has one of the finest Indian wildlife safaris and is a famous wildlife site in North India. One of the famous wildlife holiday destinations in India, the park is about 130kmaway from Jaipur, the Pink City of India.

Wildlife Holiday Destinations India

Wildlife Holiday Destinations India

It was like living my dream as I silently watched the tigers foraging in the dry deciduous forest of Ranthambore. Elegant and royal, she sat in a distant corner unknown by the fact that someone from a foreign land was enchanted by her beauty at the very first sight of her. She was Machli- world’s most famous, oldest and photographed tigress.

Speechless as I stood there, my guide informed me that most of the tigers in the park were her offspring. Sighted most of the time near the lake in the park, she is famed as the ‘Lady of the Lake’. I could hear only this much as my entire concentration was fixed at her. I wanted to imprint her image in my mind for eternity.

I still have that small piece of paper on which I wrote her name after returning the hotel room. It is kept safe within the pages of my personal diary just like her image untouched and undistorted in my mind.