North East Holidays Package

North East Holidays Package

There are several ways of exploring North East Holidays Package this season. Either you can opt for choosing any of these itineraries like ‘Just the Rhino,’ ‘Meghalaya Calling’, ‘North East Triangle’, ‘Wet and Wild Tawang’ and ‘Wild Clouds.’ Or, you can choose to explore on your own. Believe me; both these options can help you.

I opted for the tailor-made Meghalaya Calling Tour. The journey started by reaching Guwahati, the Capital of Assam. Well, what can I saw about Guwahati? It is urban, teeming with typical north-eastern architecture and a unique culture. The main tourist attractions in Guwahati include Kamakhya Temple, Dipor Bil, Umananda Temple, Assam State Zoo and the Assam State Museum.

After covering these main tourist hotspots in Guwahati, I moved ahead to Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. The main tourist attractions here form a very pivotal part of the North East Tours.

Shillong is fondly called as the ‘Scotland of the East.’ The Umiam Lake here is the main tourist attraction, which was created in 1960s. Several adventure activities and water sports take place here. Boating, kayaking, scooting and water cycling are the important activities.

The holiday packages in north east India are incomplete if you do not visit Cherrapunjee. It is also known as the ‘Wettest Place on Earth.’ It is a paradise for backpackers and amateur travellers, filled with the embryonic natural beauty. Age old caves and rivulets make it a tourist destination. You never know what your new exploration when in Cherrapunjee is.

During my return from Cherrapunje, I visited the Shillong Peak and the Elephanta Falls. I had always seen my friends who had visited North East India to pose with their family, in front of the Elephanta Falls. Hence, I had a familiar ambiance while standing near the falls and taking my selfie. It felt great, even nostalgic.

Meghalaya Tourism

Meghalaya Tourism

Well, I also explored the picturesque beauty of the Ward’s Lake, which is known for its stylish wooden bridge. It is also a beautiful sight to watch the swans swimming along in the lake, as you boat around. You can also spot exotic trees and lotus flowers here. And imagine how beautiful the blossoming cherries would look here? In short, the beauty cannot be described in words.

The last destination included the Mawllynnong Village which is lauded for being the cleanest village in India. I wonder how I can describe the entire ambiance of this village, which is filled with several unique and attractive rustic features. It is colourful, cute and calm.

After it, my journey into Meghalaya headed towards the end, making me nostalgic and also attached to Indian panorama. It was definitely a very enthralling journey into North East India, which is one of the most fascinating regions in the world.

You too should grab any good north East India tour package and have the most of it. Get enthralled.