Rock Climbing Aravalli Rang

Rock Climbing Aravalli Rang

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about travelling in India? Well, obviously keeping the excitement aside! Temples, forts, gardens, mountains, hills and so on? Probably it is very difficult to describe that first feeling or thought that rushes through your brain when you plan for travelling.

I have seen my friends talk so much about travelling to India. However, when you see their itineraries, it is only filled with the famous places that internet has to show them. I personally believe that travelling should always be done in a unique manner. It is not in these famous places, but in distant and unknown routes where the essence of tourism lies.

So, I recently went for Gujarat Tourism and had a very all new different experience of travelling there. I had decided that my trip wouldn’t be just about forts and palaces but something unique and different. I am glad that I could make it. I hope my personal way of Gujarat sightseeing will help you to plan your trip better next time. Enjoy!

Rock Climbing:

I am a big time adventurer and therefore could not resist myself from the challenging heights of Aravalli Ranges. Daredevils, believe me, it is going to be lifetime treat for you! Gujarat is dotted with some risky and rocky elevations. Taranga hills, Pavagadh hills and Junagadh are three most exciting climbs to take.


Honestly speaking, I had not expected to see such a beautiful hill station. Saputara is a well-planned hill town, located about 170km away from Surat. The word ‘Saputara’ means the ‘Abode of Serpents’ and therefore you can find numerous images of snakes set-up on the shores of River Sarpaganga that flows through the town.

Spot the unique Step Garden and get enchanted. It is laid in the shape of steps with flower pots and wooden work supporting these steps. Simply amazing, isn’t it?

Bike Ride in Kutch:

Bike Ride in Kutch

Bike Ride in Kutch

Experience of riding a bike in the Rann of Kutch is indelible. It is quite tricky to run your bike through the white sands of Kutch. Try this only if you are very good with bikes as you wouldn’t want to spoil your trip with any mishap. There are several Gujarat travel packages that include a bike ride, so choose the right one and go vrrroommm..!

Sun Temple in Modhera:

This is a beautiful 11th century old temple built by Rajput kings of Solanki dynasty. It has intricate and rich carvings embellished, slightly sparkling on the surface. You can also visit the incredible Surya Kund, an impressive rectangular pond with fascinating shrines. Spot the images of Lord Vishnu, Ganesha and Nataraja – the re-incarnations of Lord Shiva standing on the 3 sides of the tank.

Narara Beach:

You do not have to dive in to spot corals. Simply, watch them, growing in the shallow stretch of water at the Narara beach. Enjoy the reef walk and do pen down your moments!

So, try going out of the usual Gujarat tourist guide book this time. Delve into a new and richer experience of seeing the world out there. Happy travelling!