Goa Holiday Packages

Goa Holiday Packages

Everyone visits Goa, at least once in their lifetime. But has it ever occurred to you if it’s an over-rated destination, or seriously as alluring as they make it sound like.

So, to start with, Goa tourism means different things to different people. It’s a party paradise, a hippie destination, land of beaches, even for yoga and definitely the best hotspot for sun-bathing in India. But perhaps, what is the most important aspect of the state that would touch your heart is the personal space that it endows to you.

You crave to explore thousands of cafes, restaurants, flea markets – alone? That’s very much possible in Goa. The unique Portuguese heritage, visible in little aspects like cuisine, architecture, wooden utensils and festivals, make it seem a different landscape, out from Indian geography.

To add zing into your life, you must scan through the Goa holiday packages and check out the options. Sparkling waters, swaying palms and white sands are enough to bring you to India’s western coastline. The rest of it must be an adventure.

The last time I personally visited Goa, it was a Wednesday. Wondering why I am stating the day, so explicitly? Well, this is because Anjuna Flea Market, one of the Goa tourist attractions is known for its Wednesday markets, especially held on Wednesday. And it’s not a small affair. In fact, more than 500 stalls are now adding to the charm of the market.

And I know, you might be expecting me to pen down about the beaches in Goa. And I will. To be frank, the beauty of Goan beaches makes the beaches of Bali, Thailand and even Australia, a little less colourful. And you don’t get easily jaded by them too. The top five beaches in Goa include Mandrem Beach, Agonda Beach, Baga Beach, Cavelossim Beach and of course, the Calangute beach.

Turning away from the coastline, I also explored Old Goa, the prior Portuguese Capital, which is still captivating with its rich architecture, churches and cathedrals. In fact, few of these monuments have been transformed into churches where you can learn more about the Goan history.

Dudhsagar Falls Goa

Dudhsagar Falls Goa

For those searching for wildlife adventure, Goa sightseeing offers you two sanctuaries – Cotigao and Bhagwan Mahvir. You must have been captivated by the pictures of Dudhsagar Falls in Goa. If yes, then you must explore the Bhagwan Mahvir sanctuary.

But in the end, do you know what really wins my heart? Well, it is the warmth and hospitality of Goan people. They endow you with so much of love and hospitality that Goa feels like home. It’s definitely the best feeling to have a familiar ambiance in a new place.

So, either you can explore on your own or choose a trust-worthy Goa travel agent. The journey is going to be larger-than-life. Get ready for it.