Anytime you hear tourists—and not travellers, mind you—planning a trip, the much sought after destinations are Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Jaipur or to a certain extent, Bengaluru. Everyone travels here, especially in the same, cliché and monotonous manner.

Andaman Holiday Packages

Andaman Holiday Packages

So, in case you are looking forward for a break and ready to experiment something new, here are the top five reasons why you must choose Andaman Holiday Packages.

  1. Cellular Jail: Every brick craves to narrate a story. But perhaps, not here. Famously called as the National Memorial, it is an essential part of Andaman Islands tour. Not only were the Indian freedom fighters met with enormous amount of barbaric torture, they left behind innumerable stories, still waiting to be written. Or perhaps, lost in time. There is no right way to explore it today. So, no boundaries, no rules and no precision. It all depends on how sensitive you are. The honey-comb structure of the corridors still engages the budding architects from different parts of the world.
  2. Ross Island: Well, a British capital from 1858 to 1941, you can spot graveyard, cathedral and roots of huge trees, still beautiful in the way of ruins. One can reach Ross Island with private ferries. For travellers, time stops here. It’s like unwinding a past which has a blend of both Japanese and British culture. In fact, it was once also called as ‘Pow Site.’
  3. Viper Island: Can you even imagine that the ruin of a wrecked vessel can be so important that an entire island can be named after it? Well, explore Viper Island, an important tourist attraction in Andaman Packages, was another prison island at the time of Indian Freedom struggle. The prison built by the British still has its architectural style, bringing back the days of solitary confinement. Political confinement redefines itself in the premises of this island. So, take a break unwind for a while and let the gravity of the past engulf you in. No other tourist destination in India carries so much of weightage and historical significance, as Viper Island does.
  4. Cellular Jail

    Cellular Jail

    Naval Marine Museum: For ocean lovers, this is the right place to be. Just name it and you will spot it. The rich collection of colourful fishes, corals and cells carefully preserved in this museum adds to the beauty of Andaman Places.

  5. Corbyn’s Cove beach: Last but not the least, how can a beach be missing out from the list of Andaman travel packages? Located approximately 6km away from the capital Port Blair, it is preferred for sun-bathing, swimming and few water sports. The entire rendezvous is quite exhilarating, especially as it is not too commercial and populated. So, chill out and have your own time.

In short, opting for Andaman as your next tourist destination would empower how you connect with India. And of course, the magic of intrepid travelling!