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Tours to India with Assam, Sikkim and Rajasthan

There are several ways in which India can be discovered. And not two ways are the same. But my story was absolutely different—definitely what every intrepid traveller believes.

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

To begin with, the nostalgic, or to a certain extent, the vintage image of Assam had always stuck in my mind. So, that’s exactly where India tours started off for me. The main tourist attractions in Assam are Kaziranga National Park, Kamakhya Temple, Dibru Saikhowa National Park, Orang National Park and of course Digboi.

But for me, Assam meant something else. After all, no tour to India can be ever complete without a cruise on River Brahmaputra. Not only does it artistically, divide the city, it also endows you an enthralling experience to get nostalgic about. Yes, it’s as beautiful as those little postcards show you, perhaps even more. This ‘Land of Rhino’ is as mesmerising as you let it be.

After it, I geared on for Sikkim, another Himalayan beauty of India tour packages. Well, to start with, I don’t think so that my words would do justice to it. What caught my attention quite easily was how less populated it was. For history buffs, nothing enamours better than Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim and a rich blend of culture and history. Instead of using maps and personalised itineraries, I rather trust talking with people, learning things which no book can reveal. That’s how I was able to experience the beauty of Tsomgo Lake, which actually freezes during winters, flaunts a rich aquatic and aerial diversity.

The other tourist attractions in Sikkim include Yuksom, Nathu La Pass, Pelling and of course, the Rumtek Monastery. You can also explore nearby tourist hotspots like Mirik, Siliguri, Kalimpong and Darjeeling during your holiday tour in India.

Amber Fort Inside

Amber Fort Inside

And to finally add some spice to my travelogue, I chose to visit Rajasthan. Well, for those who travel to India, quite regularly, know that luxury India packages are incomplete with experiencing the royal Rajasthani flavour. So, be it Hawa Mahal or Jantar Mantar, the City Palace or the Amber Fort—the rich vestiges and insight of Rajputana culture, will leave you yearning for more. And for tummies with hunger pangs, the local Rajasthani cuisine is lip-smacking, beyond words.

In short, I gave a month for my India trip and the results were truly phenomenal. Rather than being in a rush, I took my own sweet time in exploring the places, as much as I could, to whatever degree I should have. Understanding the locals was an essential part of my dynamics, clearly a choice every traveller should experiment with.

So, no matter where you come from, do travel to India and try to write your own story, your own journey which is going to be different than anyone else’s. Just as every intrepid traveller believes.

5 Top Reasons to Choose Andaman Holiday Packages

Anytime you hear tourists—and not travellers, mind you—planning a trip, the much sought after destinations are Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Jaipur or to a certain extent, Bengaluru. Everyone travels here, especially in the same, cliché and monotonous manner.

Andaman Holiday Packages

Andaman Holiday Packages

So, in case you are looking forward for a break and ready to experiment something new, here are the top five reasons why you must choose Andaman Holiday Packages.

  1. Cellular Jail: Every brick craves to narrate a story. But perhaps, not here. Famously called as the National Memorial, it is an essential part of Andaman Islands tour. Not only were the Indian freedom fighters met with enormous amount of barbaric torture, they left behind innumerable stories, still waiting to be written. Or perhaps, lost in time. There is no right way to explore it today. So, no boundaries, no rules and no precision. It all depends on how sensitive you are. The honey-comb structure of the corridors still engages the budding architects from different parts of the world.

  2. Ross Island: Well, a British capital from 1858 to 1941, you can spot graveyard, cathedral and roots of huge trees, still beautiful in the way of ruins. One can reach Ross Island with private ferries. For travellers, time stops here. It’s like unwinding a past which has a blend of both Japanese and British culture. In fact, it was once also called as ‘Pow Site.’

  3. Viper Island: Can you even imagine that the ruin of a wrecked vessel can be so important that an entire island can be named after it? Well, explore Viper Island, an important tourist attraction in Andaman Packages, was another prison island at the time of Indian Freedom struggle. The prison built by the British still has its architectural style, bringing back the days of solitary confinement. Political confinement redefines itself in the premises of this island. So, take a break unwind for a while and let the gravity of the past engulf you in. No other tourist destination in India carries so much of weightage and historical significance, as Viper Island does.

  4. Cellular Jail

    Cellular Jail

    Naval Marine Museum: For ocean lovers, this is the right place to be. Just name it and you will spot it. The rich collection of colourful fishes, corals and cells carefully preserved in this museum adds to the beauty of Andaman Places.

  5. Corbyn’s Cove beach: Last but not the least, how can a beach be missing out from the list of Andaman travel packages? Located approximately 6km away from the capital Port Blair, it is preferred for sun-bathing, swimming and few water sports. The entire rendezvous is quite exhilarating, especially as it is not too commercial and populated. So, chill out and have your own time.

In short, opting for Andaman as your next tourist destination would empower how you connect with India. And of course, the magic of intrepid travelling!

Top 5 destinations for India Tour Packages

Let’s ask the question out aloud. What’s your best tourist destination in India? Definitely, it is quite tricky to answer, especially without pondering about it.

With innumerable options to choose from India Tour Packages, it has now grown even more confusing. Say for example, the difficulty of choice can be felt while deciding even between India tours, respectively in North and South India.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters

Do you want to relax in the silent backwaters of Kerala or would you prefer throwing snow balls at each other in Kashmir?

Fun never ends. Nor does exploration!

Keeping all these concerns in mind, I have tried to sum up the top five India tourist places for you. Quite often, inbound tour operators provide quite irresistible India tour packages that you must always keep searching for.

So, to start with, I would definitely add New Delhi as the show-stopper. Wondering why? Well, with enormous amount of history, culture, power and drama involved—the capital has witnessed few of the most enterprising eras of Mughal and British history. The most important tourist destinations in Delhi include Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Akshardham Temple, India Gate and of course, the Purana Quila. The bustling colourful streets of Chandni Chowk should not be missed at any cost, especially when it comes to experiencing Delhi, the Indian way.

After this first stop of your India Travel tour, it’s now time to explore Agra. Located 200 km away from Delhi, it forms an important part of Golden Triangle Tour with the addition of Jaipur and New Delhi.

The very moment you step in Agra, it feels like a city frozen in time, especially medieval history. The radio is abuzz with Bollywood songs of the 1990s, and so is past preserved in the city in various forms. Agra Tourism is known for the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Chini ka Rauza, Mehtab Garden and Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah. The other attraction of Agra includes marble-inlay work, Persian rugs and a rich blend of Indo-Islamic culture.

The third and most captivating destination would definitely be Varanasi. Just like Syria’s Aleppo, it is one of the oldest cities of the world. Known as a famous pilgrimage destination for Hindus, it is noted for the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Assi Ghat, and Ramnagar Fort as well as evening aarti at River Ganges. For shopping enthusiasts, go ahead and haggle for a Banarasi saree, which is an absolutely exemplary attire to wear.

Kashmir Tour Packages

Kashmir Tour Packages

Fourthly, go ahead and explore Dharamsala, a hill station located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Endowing a heart-touching view of Kangra Valley, this leisure destination is a real treat during scorching summer months. Additionally, you also get a taste of Tibet, reflected in the cuisine, culture, cafes and monasteries. You can also go ahead and explore Bhagsunag Falls, Kareri Lake and Kangra Valley.

And for those, now craving for a blend of adventure can opt for Rishikesh Tourism. After all, Rishikesh is fondly also called as the ‘Adventure Capital of India.’ Few of the adventurous activities that can be enjoyed in Rishikesh include hiking, camping, white river rafting, rock climbing and even back packing. Over the past few years, bungee jumping and camping have also increased.

So, explore these and let us know what you liked the best. Get, set and go.

How Wildlife Packages in India changed my life

No! I will not be wearing anything else apart from my favourite black and yellow coloured striped tiger costume.” This would be my only answer to mom whenever she insisted me to try something new for my school’s fancy dress competitions. I still remember how my dad used to paint those whiskers on my face with black paint.

Wildlife Packages India

Wildlife Packages India

Did I mention that my grandfather was the care-taker of tigers in one of the famous wildlife parks of USA? He would narrate me stories of tigers and how they fearlessly roamed in the national park. My insane love for tigers must have started from those days. However, years passed by but eventually what still remained behind were his stories making my love even more intense for the striped cats.

I had heard that India was the home to the world’s largest population of tigers. I always had this secret desire to explore this country. I googled different wildlife packages in India and on one fine day of April 2000, I finally booked one.

Can’t tell you how happy I was to see the amount deducted from my account confirming my package booking. It was a two nights and three days package covering Delhi and the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. While booking I also realised that Wildlife Tour Packages in India are comparatively cheaper than the other countries.

A bright and sunny morning welcomed me in Delhi. It was just the way I had pictured in my mind. However, I had no time to admire the city as I had my train in less than two hours from New Delhi Railway station. After five long hours, I finally reached my destination of Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan.

I sat in the hotel room and cherished my happiness by watching the old pictures of my grandpa that I had brought. How different it was to see those photos in a foreign land. Curtains, walls and even I felt different to myself. I wanted to say something to his photograph but no idea what!

A knock on the door and I was packed for my excursion to Ranthambore National Park. It has one of the finest Indian wildlife safaris and is a famous wildlife site in North India. One of the famous wildlife holiday destinations in India, the park is about 130kmaway from Jaipur, the Pink City of India.

Wildlife Holiday Destinations India

Wildlife Holiday Destinations India

It was like living my dream as I silently watched the tigers foraging in the dry deciduous forest of Ranthambore. Elegant and royal, she sat in a distant corner unknown by the fact that someone from a foreign land was enchanted by her beauty at the very first sight of her. She was Machli- world’s most famous, oldest and photographed tigress.

Speechless as I stood there, my guide informed me that most of the tigers in the park were her offspring. Sighted most of the time near the lake in the park, she is famed as the ‘Lady of the Lake’. I could hear only this much as my entire concentration was fixed at her. I wanted to imprint her image in my mind for eternity.

I still have that small piece of paper on which I wrote her name after returning the hotel room. It is kept safe within the pages of my personal diary just like her image untouched and undistorted in my mind.

Architectural exploration of New Delhi with India Tourism

If architecture is your real calling, no matter how many European streets you manoeuvre around, India travel will always seem irresistible for you. After all, where else do you find exquisite forts, grand palaces, enamouring garden tombs, artistic cenotaphs and brick minarets—all in one go?

Humayuns Tomb Travel

Humayuns Tomb Travel

Polished with years of history, the Islamic, Gothic, Indo-Saracenic, Hindu or Dravidian architecture still prevalent today, through archaic remnants or ruins: adds an unsaid beauty to India Tourism.

My journey of understanding architecture and the love for it, started with Ayn Rand’s massive best-seller—The Fountainhead. I still remember how the main protagonist Howard Roark mentioned, ‘A building has integrity just like a man, And just as seldom.’ After all, creating brick after brick, a monument might serve the purpose of a shelter or even a prized possession; it needs to reveal a story.

All of these abstract ideas along with the undying yearning to discover other facets of India, I started looking out for a credible Indian travel agency to meet my travel needs. The rich diversity and innumerable holidaying options available at Easy Hols caught my attention. For example, there were certain domestic packages in India available such as ‘Manali by Volvo’, ‘Enchanting Kerala’, ‘Himalayan Golden Triangle’, ‘North East Triangle’ and ‘Paradise on Earth.’ Several weekend destination options were also available, leading to Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

Out of all of these, I primarily chose to explore New Delhi, the capital. My journey started with the Humayun’s Tomb, a symbol of love. We all know about Taj Mahal and how Mughal emperor Shah Jahan had built to show his love and admiration for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. But very few of us know that this tradition of commemorating love through architecture was started by Bega Begam, the wife of Humayun. In fact, irrespective of so many years passing by, it still remains as one of the enthralling garden tombs in the country.

India Tour

India Tour

For the next day, my itinerary included the ‘Purana Qila’ known as one of the oldest forts in the capital. I had watched several Bollywood movies that were shot within its vicinity. It was constructed by the Afghan King Sher Shah Suri and is still embroidered by River Yamuna. Even when Edward Lutyens charted out the plan for establishing South Delhi, he made sure that the Rajpath was in coordination with the Purana Quila. It’s also interesting to know that the rampart of Purana Quila had served as the backdrop of various theatres.

Later, I went ahead to explore Qutub Minar, the second-tallest brick minaret in India. Embracing the warm ambience of the winter sun, the Qutub Minar is made of marble and red sandstone. Its construction had started way back by Qutub-ud-din-Aibak in 1193. Spotting mosques and the iron pillar as well as medieval ruins in the Qutub complex makes it even more special.

Finally, towards the end of my travelogue, I visited Red fort, the massive residence of the Mughal dynasty for more than 200 years. Quite similar in terms of its architectural pattern with the Agra Fort, it also is known for vast courtyards, pavilions and well manicured gardens and halls. The fusion of Timurid, Hindu and Persian traditions can be spotted along with the Islamic architecture. The glittering and bustling streets of Meena Bazaar are definitely one of the best shopping destinations for anyone indulging in India Tours.

Explore Gujarat Tourism with shrines, beaches and adventure trips

Rock Climbing Aravalli Rang

Rock Climbing Aravalli Rang

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about travelling in India? Well, obviously keeping the excitement aside! Temples, forts, gardens, mountains, hills and so on? Probably it is very difficult to describe that first feeling or thought that rushes through your brain when you plan for travelling.

I have seen my friends talk so much about travelling to India. However, when you see their itineraries, it is only filled with the famous places that internet has to show them. I personally believe that travelling should always be done in a unique manner. It is not in these famous places, but in distant and unknown routes where the essence of tourism lies.

So, I recently went for Gujarat Tourism and had a very all new different experience of travelling there. I had decided that my trip wouldn’t be just about forts and palaces but something unique and different. I am glad that I could make it. I hope my personal way of Gujarat sightseeing will help you to plan your trip better next time. Enjoy!

Rock Climbing:

I am a big time adventurer and therefore could not resist myself from the challenging heights of Aravalli Ranges. Daredevils, believe me, it is going to be lifetime treat for you! Gujarat is dotted with some risky and rocky elevations. Taranga hills, Pavagadh hills and Junagadh are three most exciting climbs to take.


Honestly speaking, I had not expected to see such a beautiful hill station. Saputara is a well-planned hill town, located about 170km away from Surat. The word ‘Saputara’ means the ‘Abode of Serpents’ and therefore you can find numerous images of snakes set-up on the shores of River Sarpaganga that flows through the town.

Spot the unique Step Garden and get enchanted. It is laid in the shape of steps with flower pots and wooden work supporting these steps. Simply amazing, isn’t it?

Bike Ride in Kutch:

Bike Ride in Kutch

Bike Ride in Kutch

Experience of riding a bike in the Rann of Kutch is indelible. It is quite tricky to run your bike through the white sands of Kutch. Try this only if you are very good with bikes as you wouldn’t want to spoil your trip with any mishap. There are several Gujarat travel packages that include a bike ride, so choose the right one and go vrrroommm..!

Sun Temple in Modhera:

This is a beautiful 11th century old temple built by Rajput kings of Solanki dynasty. It has intricate and rich carvings embellished, slightly sparkling on the surface. You can also visit the incredible Surya Kund, an impressive rectangular pond with fascinating shrines. Spot the images of Lord Vishnu, Ganesha and Nataraja – the re-incarnations of Lord Shiva standing on the 3 sides of the tank.

Narara Beach:

You do not have to dive in to spot corals. Simply, watch them, growing in the shallow stretch of water at the Narara beach. Enjoy the reef walk and do pen down your moments!

So, try going out of the usual Gujarat tourist guide book this time. Delve into a new and richer experience of seeing the world out there. Happy travelling!

Explore Kullu, Manali and Shimla with Himalaya Tour Packages

Indian Himalayas Tour

Indian Himalayas Tour

Who doesn’t know about Himalaya-the majestic mountain range of South Asia? Its very mention conjures images related with snow-capped mountains, adrenaline-gushing activities, motorable passes, sacred dwelling for Buddhist monasteries and much more.

But then again, not everyone has the mettle to delve into Indian Himalayas Tour! It’s different, difficult and of course, daring. But nothing could deter us, especially when it came to explore new adventures-the Indian way. We went through several Himalaya Tour Packages which covered destinations like Uttarakhand, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir and others. Giving precedence to our comfort, we opted for ‘Best of Himachal, Shimla and Manali Package by car.’

Our tour started with Manali, a serene little hill-station located in Himachal Pradesh. Located on the northern edge of the enrapturing Kull Valley, Manali is a tempting tourism hotspot for honey-moon couples, adventure seekers and even aimless travellers. The soft gurgling of the mighty Beas River embroidering the contours of Manali is a scenic delight.

During our Manali sightseeing trip, we explored several tourist attractions like Hidimbi Devi Temple, Pandoh Dam, Bhrigu Lake, Pin Valley National Park, Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley. But without any doubt, Rohtang Pass-the Gateway to Spiti Lahaul and Leh Valley-quickly enamoured me. In addition, it is famous for snow games, yak riding and even skiing.

Jakhu Temple Shimla

Jakhu Temple Shimla

The next day we visited Kullu, 40km away from Manali. The main tourist attractions of Kullu include Hanogi Mata Temple, Tirthan Valley and Raghunath Temple. We still remember haggling for cheap shawls, sweaters, scarves and other winter clothes while shopping at Akhara Bazar in Kullu.

Towards the end of the tour, we headed for Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. As far as my memory permits, several Bollywood films consider Shimla as their Mecca. And why shouldn’t they?

Dating back from the days when Shimla was the official Summer Capital of Britishers, it has come a long way-by wearing new architectures like nascent attires and yet having the nostalgic aura about it.

What intrigued me the most was definitely the Jakhu Temple in Shimla which is dedicated to Hindu deity Lord Hanuman. It also bestows a brilliant bird’s eye view of the small hill-station, revealing the innumerable coloured cottages embraced in the valley. In addition, the 108-feet-tall idol of Lord Hanuman will truly mesmerize you. Later, we visited Bhimakali Temple, Chini Bungalow, Green Valley and Kufri.

With indelible memories marking everlasting impressions in our hearts and minds, we returned to Delhi. It was livelier, diverse and of course, the magnificent Capital of India. But the magic of Himalaya holiday tour packages remained rare, even too difficult to describe in terms of its magnitude.

In the end, all of this makes India stand apart in our travelogues. Full of warmth and brightness!

5 top Honeymoon Packages in India for Valentine’s Day

Fragrance of red roses in the air and confectioneries sold in extra pretty and colourful packets, it definitely has to be the Valentine Week of the year.

Honeymoon in Munnar

Honeymoon in Munnar

Well, I am still single so I do not have to take the pain of buying gifts, rehearsing proposal dialogues or planning that day. However, I have travelled a lot in India and therefore; my friends love to take suggestions from me while planning their trips. I recently got a call from my friend who is newly married and is planning for her honeymoon holidays in India.

While I was imparting my wisdom to her to choose the right place for her honeymoon, I thought of making a list of 5 best romantic tour packages in India that can make your Valentine’s Day, an extra special.

So here goes my list, Happy reading!

  • Goa: Yes, the list starts with the party paradise of India, Goa! Probably there are no other beaches in India as popular as that of Goa. Start you trip with the famous beaches like Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach and Calangute Beach.

Explore Dauna Paula seashore and savour some sumptuous sea-food. Water-sport enthusiasts can indulge into activities like surfing, speed-boating, cruise ride, scuba diving and lot more. Visit Old Portuguese churches and also sweep your loved one off his/her feet with a secluded beach-side candle light dinner. Colourful sarongs can be a hit for the trip!

  • Munnar: Rightly called as the ‘Lover’s Paradise,’ Munnar in Kerala undoubtedly stands in the list of top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in India. Rolling hills, sprawling tea-gardens, shimmering waterfalls and thrilling wildlife, anything and everything that you can expect from a hill station is present here.

Go for India honeymoon tour packages for Munnar to rejuvenate and re-connect with your loved one. Add spices to your trip by actually buying some of them!

  • Darjeeling: And here comes the destination that can never go out of this list. Romancing in the serene vistas of Darjeeling has been a popular choice since the days of our grandparents. Snow-laden mountains, colourful small huts with sloping roofs, vast tea-gardens and the sound of birds chirping create a perfect ambiance for intimacy and soulful bonding.

Buy the famous aromatic tea from here to reconnect in the Darjeeling’s aromatic ambiance even when at home.

  • Udaipur: Romancing royally! These are the perfect words to describe the honeymoon in Udaipur. Forts, monuments, old temples, lakes and camel rides will make your honeymoon a memory of the lifetime (although they are always a memory of the lifetime!).
Honeymoon in Gulmarg

Honeymoon in Gulmarg

The newlyweds will find themselves lost in love while enjoying the boat rides in the serene lakes. Buy local attire from here to wear on your next anniversary and relive the honeymoon days.

  • Gulmarg: Had a fight with your love of the life just before boarding the train or the flight? Don’t worry! Gulmarg will mend every fight. Famous for its pristine beauty and proximity to Srinagar, Gulmarg is one of the most beautiful destinations to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. Horse riding, cable car riding, snow skiing and Golf is some of the activities you can indulge into.

Do not miss to go for a shikara ride in Dal Lake, you will love it. It is a much more beautiful experience than what it sounds. Enjoy some delicious non-vegetarian food and buy some silk shawls for your relatives at home.

I hope this list proves useful to you and can help you plan your honeymoon in a much better way. So enjoy honeymooning, enjoy travelling!

Top 5 destinations of Daman-Diu Tourism

Daman Diu Tourism

Daman Diu Tourism

Discovering India is a personal journey. Not because our experience would make the encounters different, but also because our choice of destinations would vary.

For example, I indulged in Daman-Diu Tourism. What? You have no idea where is exists? Well, this second smallest Indian union territory is located on the western coast. Now you would ask what attracted me towards it.

Daman and Diu Travel Guide reveals an impressive number of churches, forts, sun-kissed beaches and monuments revealing the rich cultural heritage. The repertoire is so engaging because of its history, more than 2000 years.

So, I began with the illustrious Diu Fort, one of the top-most tourist attractions in Daman and Diu. Interestingly, it was the Portuguese invaders who had built this fort in Diu Island. Occupying a prominent position, its construction dates from 1535 and 1541 AD. A giant house located on the top of this fort is its main attraction. I was lucky to have an ethereal view of this well lit fort during the night. Ah, what a beautiful sight to behold.

Now moving ahead, I picked up the Nagoa Beach from the Daman and Diu travel guide. Known as one of the most popular beaches of Diu, it is shaped in a semi-circular way, in the shape of horse-shoe. After spending an idyllic day near the beach, I could feel the rapture of nature and the beautiful silence of the waves, kissing the shore.

The third destination included the Fortress of Panikotha, located in the middle of the sea. This magnificent stone structure, shaped in the form of a ship, was constructed jointly by the rulers of Portuguese and Gujarat to prevent any attack from the Mughals. Originally, prisoners were locked in the ancient cellars and cells of this Fort. An underground tunnel used to connect this fort with the land, but unfortunately, today it exists in ruined conditions. You need to book a ferry boat to reach the fort, which you can do either from Ghoghla Village and Diu Fort.

Daman and Diu vacations are incomplete if you do not add that religious touch to it. So, my fourth destination was St. Thomas Church, which reflects the remnants of Portuguese architecture, making you feel nostalgic. Built in 1598, this church also includes an enticing museum. The indelible artefacts include shadow clocks, idols, wooden carvings and stone inscriptions.

St. Thomas Church Daman-diu

St. Thomas Church Daman-diu

Now coming to the fifth destination, I am sure that you would be very surprised. Yes, rather than choosing other beaches such as Ghogla Beach, Jallandhar Beach and Chakratirth Beach, I chose to explore the Diu Jail.

The stone coloured greyish brick used to construct the Diu Jail takes you into the fascinating history of Daman and Diu. The illuminating lights make it even more irresistible. The power of historical narrative can be understood in a remarkable manner by visiting it. The Diu Jail is a most visited destination for experience seekers, history fanatics and photo fanatics.

So, my journey of Daman and Diu revealed me the unknown side of India and especially how Portuguese influence is different from colonial English administration. It is definitely a must visit for you, if you like discovering rustic, unexplored tourist destinations.

Gear on for it!

Explore Madurai, Rameswaram and Kanyakumari with Spiritual Packages India

Rameswaram Temple

Rameswaram Temple

What is spirituality? Or perhaps, what is religion? It is very difficult to crave the answers of such in-depth questions, especially dealing with the sacred and subjective realms of personal transformation. Nevertheless, exploring these dimensions and power emancipation can be best experienced in India, the land of spirituality. The beginners must delve into religious tour in India. For those craving for more, let me get into the further details.

So, let’ start with the basic question! I wonder what it is actually about – the monks, spiritual religious fairs, Indian culture, tradition or just the millions of temples that are constructed in India. Or perhaps, it can also be about story-telling, the art of touching the spiritual quest in pilgrims, in a phenomenal way. Whatever it is, there is no comparison to Spiritual Tour Packages in India.

In order to not let my life and its quest become just a gibberish yearning, I opted for Spiritual Packages in India. Since I did not crave for redundancy, I chose Madurai to Kanyakumari Temple Tour. You might wonder what my reasoning behind such an act was! Quite often, the baggage and importance of a religious or spiritual place is over-hyped and exaggerated. It then becomes mandatory for a pilgrim to connect with the space. And if one isn’t able to, it becomes quite distracting.

So, to carve out my own journey, I chose to start from Madurai in Tamil Nadu, also called as the ‘Athens of the East.’ Madurai was introduced to me, in a spiritual and religious way, by visiting Meenakshi Amman Temple, dedicated to Goddess Parvati and her Consort Shiva. Madurai is known for being one of the oldest cities in India, flaunting 2500 years of existence. By marking my advent into the religious space of this temple, I could feel the beauty of South Indian temple architecture.

The next day, I got to explore Thirumalai Nayak Palace, the 17th century masterpiece built by Thirumalai Nayak, one of the protagonists of the Nayaka dynasty. One can explore the classic fusion of Islamic and Dravidian style. Towards, the evening, Thiruparankundram Temple, dedicated to Lord Subramaniya was ready to tantalize me. And best of all, the Azhakar Kovil Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is another religious destination for pilgrims.

Kanyakumari Temple

Kanyakumari Temple

After an early breakfast in the morning, the next day was all about travelling to Rameswaram, popularly called as the ‘Varanasi of South India.’ To be quite honest, I could feel the beauty and depth of religious devotion by exploring destinations like Ramanathaswamy Temple, Dhanushkodi and Agnitheertham. It was definitely a life changing experience.

Then I moved ahead for Kanyakumari, the land known for ethereal sunsets. It was definitely a very beautiful and life changing aspect of my Spiritual tour in India to visit Kanyakumari Temple and Triveni Sangam.

In the end, today when I look back, it was definitely a life changing quest. It taught me about spirituality, way beyond books can. Simply, soul touching, I say!

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